Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Have a Winner in my Blog Comment Contest

I put all the names of people who have commented here in a hat and drew. And the winner of a signed copy of GONE FROM THESE WOODS is Patricia Cruzan! Congratulations, Pat! And thanks to all of you who have commented on this blog. I appreciate your support. Look for posts about other authors in the coming weeks, as well as frequent articles about what I'm reading and writing. Better go ahead and subscribe so you don't miss anything!


  1. Thanks so much, Donny. I've read part of the first chapter of your book. It's great! When my sister gets better from the auto crash, I hope to read more of it. I'm taking care of my sister, since she broke her collarbone; she has stitches in her head, too. It's a busy time at my house. I look forward to reading the rest of your book. Thanks for trying to include me on the board. I hope you sell many books, and remember to enjoy signing the book for lots of young readers,

  2. Donny, I am enjoying your book. It's a great read! Thanks for sharing it with me.


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